Long Fa Supermarket was founded in 2000, offers a convenient one-stop shopping experience sure to satisfy consumers' every need with dedication in possessing wide and comfortable shopping environment, varieties of merchandise, as well as high quality fresh food ingredients.
Long Fa Supermarket located conveniently on Keele and Sheppard. The retail space is estimated at 20,000 square meters and carry over 80,000 varieties of products. They committed to provide the highest quality in products and services to suit the shopping needs of multicultural consumers.
In the future, Long Fa will uphold the promise of delivering sincere service to all the customers while thriving for improvement to satisfy customers' increasing needs. With modernized and established manner of operations, Long Fa will keep on reaching even higher standard in service, environment, and product quality in which to offer the best to its loyal customers. We thank all the support from everybody and we look forward to progress forward to our better future.
在未來的日子,龍發會繼續秉承著顧客至上的宗旨,不斷追求進步的精神以滿足日增的消費者需求,透過現代化的經營模式,不斷的在服務,規模, 環境和商品等各方面精益求精,以回饋各界多年來的鼎力支持

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